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Feb., 28th. 2016


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St. Moses The Strong Our Saint

Priest in Charge: V. Rev. Matthew Tate

Rev. David Morrison Missoon Coordinating Priest in charge, 406.600.7409

Reader Robert Holter phone 406- 422-5160


Directions to where we meet

We currently meet at St. Joseph's Chapel in Borromeo Hall at Carroll College Helena Montana, 1601 North Benton Avenue Helena, Mt  59625.

Directions are as follows:

From the east follow highway 12 signs though Helena to where the street turns into Lyndale avenue. follow Lyndale to where Park avenue intersects. turn right on Park avenue and park in the Trinity and Borromeo hall parking lot ( Marked PP on the carroll college map).

from the west follow higway 12 which turns into Euclid street to the intersection of Benton and Euclid where there is a stop light. proceed thought this intersection and prepare to turn left at the very next intersection which is Park avenue. proceed straight on Park avenue and park in the Trinity and Borromeo hall parking lot. The maps on the Directions to where we meet link above should help!



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