Headwaters of the Missouri River Blessed!

Established where Lewis and Clark discovered the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers joining to form the Missouri River, Missouri Headwaters was a geographical focal point important to early Native Americans, trappers, traders, and settlers. The length of the combined Missouri-Mississippi system from the headwaters of the Missouri to the mouth of the Mississippi is c.3,740 mi (6,020 km), making it the world’s third longest river after the Nile and the Amazon. It takes approximately 57 Days for water from the headwaters to reach the Gulf. On Theophony 2006 Archpriest John Mancantelli and members of the mission went to the Headwaters of the Missouri River to bless this body of water. This is the first time in History that an Orthodox priest has blessed this body of water which ultimately becomes the Mississippi river and flows into the gulf of Mexico.

blessing 1

blessing 2

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